Privacy Policy

TalkMe Social Community

This document clarifies how user data and any sensitive information is handled in the app. ​When we say "TalkMe," "our, "The app"" "we," or "us," we're talking about Binopt ltd. This Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") applies to all of our apps, services, features, software, and website (together, "Services") unless specified otherwise.

Account Information

The app required your mobile phone number to create the account. You may also add other information to your account, such as name and profile picture. All the account information is being stored on our server and shared only with your contacts in your mobile phone and in your Facebook account if was specifically approved by you.

Availability Status

The app required your approval to share your availability status for each contact which can be configured in settings.


The app accesses the contacts on the phone in order to display the contacts to invite friends to download the app and to call them. The contacts information is not transmitted nor stored on any server.