The most efficient app to keep in touch with friends when you and your friends have a limited time to talk.



Free of charge

get it on google play
get it on google play
  • "Me and my friends are or at work or with our children, finally, when i have the few minutes to talk to my friends, I know who is also availible and call him. by using Talk Me, it is possible to keep in touch in this crazy life." –Alex - NY

  • "i am working when everyone is busy or asleep, Finally i know to whom can i call." –Steeven - US

  • "So simple but so important - where were you in the last 3 years?" –Jason - UK

Minimal and clean

just 2 main buttons - my status and to whom to call

Privacy oriented

Only you can control who will see your TalkMe status

Amazing feature

You can see in real time, only friends which are currently, available to talk